05 January, 2017

Things In 2017, Part 1

Wow, another year. This year I'm going to split this into several posts. It's a mess trying to keep a single post for a whole year.

A spate of drivers driving against traffic on Singapore roads, beginning with a man driving a Mercedes in the wrong direction on the AYE, at 120 km/h, leading to 1 death on 20 Dec 2016.
SAF's Terrexes returned from Hong Kong

Kim Jong Nam, Kim Jong Un's exiled half brother, was murdered? assassinated? at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia on 14 February 2017. Situation between Malaysia and North Korea deteriorates to the point that they both expel each other's ambassadors from their countries, and prevent each other's citizens from leaving.

South Korean president Park Geun-hye removed from office
Brazil found to be exporting rotten meat in scandal
Some countries ban electronic devices with big batteries on flights, due to terrorists possibly hiding bombs in them
Man drives car into people then attacks people with knives in London

Bombing on St Petersburg Metro
US launches missiles at Syria
Singapore - City Harvest leaders who were found guilty have their sentences reduced on appeal 
Churches in Egypt bombed 
United Airlines forcibly evicts a seated, normal paying passenger from UA3411 for its crew because flight was overbooked. Outrage ensues (I was going to put his picture but I won't out of respect)
Tensions rise between North Korea and the US, after some missile launches and military drills
11-year-old Johor boy, Mohamad Thaqif Amin, beaten in school, gets infection, has legs amputated, dies

Singaporean Mr Jimi Cheong, on holiday with his family in Tokyo, has cardiac arrest while in Tokyo, needs $120,000 for medical fees and $120,000 for medical evacuation, which is raised by his family through crowdfunding. Unfortunately he died soon after arrival in Singapore.
"Ransomware" attacks, mostly in hospitals in England. This is actually pretty smart and profitable - they encrypt your computer, holding your data hostage, and charge you to decrypt it.
Bombing at Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, killing 23
Indian Actor Shrey Bhargava complains about Ah Boys To Men 4 audition after being asked to portray an Indian caricature. There is support on both sides - freedom of caricature, caricature isn't real, vs. racism, humour at the expense of others etc.
Clash between militants and security forces in Marawi, southern Philippines

Lone gunman attacks Resorts World Manila casino
Huge fire in Grenfell Tower apartment, London, killing at least 80. Said to be due to cladding on the outside to approve appearance, just applied last year.
Lots of delays on Singapore's train system during peak hours, because they're testing the signalling system, which has to be done during rush hour.

Vehicular Attacks
  • March, London
  • April, Sweden - 4 dead
  • May, Times Square - lone military veteran drives car into crowd at Times Square, killing 1.
  • June, London. Vehicle and knife attacks. This is the 3rd attack in the UK this year.
  • August, Barcelona 

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