25 November, 2016

Hello Hokkaido Fair

Hello Hokkaido, 18 - 27 Nov 2016, at Resorts World Sentosa
Posts by a couple of more famous blogs:
There are only like 2 days left so I hope this post comes in useful for someone deciding whether to go or what to eat there.

It's a small fair with food and handicrafts at the basement shops section of RWS. You know, outside the McDonalds, entrance to casino etc.

There are chairs and tables to sit and eat here! Yeah! And a sake bar.

As I said, it's pretty small. The blog posts by others pretty much cover all there is there. The good news is, the food is pretty authentic and hard to get in Singapore. I'm didn't go all the way there to eat something I can find in any shopping centre. It seems to be genuinely imported from Hokkaido. One complaint is you have to pay using their card.
You have to place a $5 refundable deposit - ok
Minimum value for new cards is $20 - er, ok
Top up in $1 increments - er..
No refunds for unused value - what? So I have to queue at least twice, plan how much to spend and possibly waste unused credits?

What food is there?
The Iberico pork cheek ($14) was nice. Wagyu beef (can't remember the price, either $13 or $18) was like good beef, but not wagyu good. Crab cream croquette ($5) was ok. They had several types of crabs but they were expensive (don't know if they are good or value for money, but I didn't want to eat $30 of crab). If I had known this, I would have tried the ramen instead of the beef.

Enjoy yourself!

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