28 December, 2015

Nike Air Zoom Structure 18

I never paid much attention to shoes, but I just got these:
Lots of better pictures out there, so I won't compete.

  • Why is there a Texas shape on the front?
  • I never noticed shoes had well-defined names and release cycles, like, say, iPhones. They say this is the 18th year of this series. I guess it's not surprising, since they put so much effort and research and marketing into these models, I just never thought about it. I wonder if branded clothes have proper names or just article numbers.
  • I just started noticing shoes have started coming in different styles like barefoot, neutral, extra support, etc. I'm pretty sure it's a new trend, but apparently this is its 18th year so I don't know where I've been.
  • Catering to different feet is great. I should pay more attention to the fit of shoes. Previously my requirements were: loop on the tongue for laces to pass through to hold it in place, and a loop at the back to help pulling the shoe on. None of which this has by the way.
  • Queensway is for real. I knew they sold cheap shoes, but I thought they only had older stock. Nope. You can expect 30% off the normal price, that's like saving 50 bucks for these. It was very crowded for an old, out-of-the-way shopping centre that only sold shoes too. Oh and they also sell Casio G-Shock and Baby-G watches for about 20% off.
  • The trend in Nike shoes now is Flyknit. On paper it sounds great. A seamless, single-piece of fabric that can have tailored density and elasticity in different areas, like unibody for shoes. Less waste during manufacturing. But, they're SO UGLY. Flyknits have a face only a mother, or obsessive blogger, could love. They look like my old sofa's covering. On another note, you'd think variable density was a job for 3D printing, but very mature technologies like weaving and knitting can do it too. Looks like 3D printing has a lot of stiff competition.

I love this review:
for its technical details like the types of foams used.

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