21 October, 2015

Where To Buy Baby Stuff In Singapore


I bought the Parklon playmat. They also sell Medela accessories. Shipping is only $4.90. They use Ninja Van for delivery.

I actually bought the Medela pump from them at the Expo, but they have an online store too. I bought some pump accessories from the online store. Delivery is $20.

How could I leave out the Amazon. The going rate for breastmilk bags in Mothercare is SGD64 for 100, regardless of brand.
On Amazon, they're less than USD14 with free international shipping.

There are other sites like Qoo10 that I haven't tried. I wouldn't buy from Groupon.


Baby Hyperstore (https://www.facebook.com/Babyhyperstore) Kaki Bukit
Biggest place to buy strollers I've seen. Got my Quinny from here. Has lots and lots of brands. It's funny, they're the only place I've found selling some big brands like Quinny. While you're here, check out Baby Kingdom too.

Baby Kingdom (http://www.babykingdom.com.sg/) Kaki Bukit, Shun Li Industrial Park
I already bought my stroller when I found this store, so I didn't look at their strollers. They have a wide range of clothes, bathing stuff, pacifiers, etc. Best to visit these 2 shops together. They're in the same building.

First Few Years (http://firstfewyears.com.sg/)
Bought a crib from here. Oh they also have an online store with fast, reasonable delivery. I bought my bag for my Quinny here.

This is probably the biggest chain. Has a wide variety, but doesn't have some cheaper brands.

Kiddy Palace
Looks like a tiny shop but they have a lot of things!

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