21 July, 2015

Shapeways July 2015

Shapeways had free international shipping again! The last time was in 2012 (I don't think they had any in between), when I got:
Material Sample Kit
Cubichain bracelet
iPhone 5 case

This time, I picked up more ready-made products (the Material Sample Kit doesn't seem to have changed in the past 3 years) including:

I also tried my hand at some designing. Now, I don't have any 3D design skills, but they have a nifty tool that lets you upload a black and white picture, and converts it to "3D", with the darkness defining the height. It lets you do some interesting things.

Note on shipping: International shipping usually costs USD19.99, and I suspect they use the same-sized box, which is 19.5 x 14 x 11 cm = 3003 cm³, or 0.6 kg volumetric weight. HSG will round it up to 1 kg, which is about USD6. Combined with Shapeways' shipping within US, using HSG will be cheaper, but it's still a hefty shipping fee. 3/3 of my packages used this box, from 1 to 6 items inside.

Yeah! My stuff is here!

Some notes on my creations:
1.2 mm diameter holes in 4 mm thick white strong and flexible won't clear properly and need to be drilled/filed
3.3 mm thick and 2 mm wide white strong and flexible should be strong enough to make a clip. 

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