01 March, 2015

Quinny Zapp Xtra And Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix

I had a hard time finding a stroller and car seat online, so this should help someone. WHY DON'T THEY JUST PUT WHAT STROLLER WORKS WITH WHAT SEAT?

Option 1: Mothercare Xpedior

This is a pretty cheap option that I think comes with a car seat, wheel chassis and pram seat (they need to come up with standardised names for these). I think both the car and pram seats fit on the wheel chassis. It's cheap for the whole set, but people say it doesn't last long.

Option 2: Quinny Zapp Xtra And Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix

I always thought Baby Jogger was one of the most expensive strollers, but I found out Quinny is more expensive. Hmm. Anyway, Zapp is their line of 3-wheeled strollers. This is the Zapp Xtra Kenson special edition:
The fabric seat is removable and can be placed facing forwards (3 recline positions) or backwards (2 recline positions). I think in the Zapp Xtra 2 model it can be folded in half. One thing I don't like about the Zapp is it's a bit bulky and difficult to fold. It needs 2 hands and several steps, and even after folding it's still pretty big. When folded it can't stand upright or be wheeled, so you have to carry it.

It comes with the adaptors that let you fit the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix onto it (do any other car seats fit? Are these brands cooperating?) which is good because as it is, the Zapp Xtra won't seat newborns, so you have to use the Cabriofix until they're 6 months old, or get the "seat reducer". Another advantage is if your baby is sleeping in the car seat, you can transfer the whole seat without having to wake your baby to take him out. So if you're looking for a stroller/car seat solution, you can consider this.

Some comments after using the Zapp Xtra for a while:
The Zapp (Xtra) (2) name is confusing. Some models' seat folds. Some have 4 wheels.
It's an ok stroller when open, but not very good when folded:
  • It's hard to fold
  • It doesn't fold very small
  • It can't be wheeled when folded, so you gotta carry it
  • The handle keeps getting stuck in the front wheel when folding it
  • How do you pick it up when folded? It's got no handle. It's heavy. It keeps trying to open up. It's like holding an umbrella that doesn't lock closed. 

Since the Zapp Xtra folds into 2 parts, it's difficult to bring onto an airplane. Quinny has a bag for their Zapp strollers, but it does not fit the Zapp Xtra. It only fits the wheels part, because the seat can't fold. If anyone is wondering, the JL Childress Standard & Dual Stroller Travel Bag will fit:
Oh if you're looking for one in Singapore, First Few Years is the only shop I've seen selling it.

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