04 January, 2015

Verus Damda iPhone 6 Plus Case

When looking for a case, this time I wasn't specifically looking for a card-carrying one. It's ironic that I got one in the end. There were no other satisfactory iPhone 6 Plus cases in stores here. I don't know if the 6+ isn't as popular as the 6 (unlikely) or the cases are harder to make or what.

iPhone 5 cases:

I didn't want a card case because the 6+ is already bulky, and I was going to use a stick-on pouch I already bought. I did want a stiff, preferably aluminium, case to prevent bending.

Now, if I'm going to buy a case from a shop, it has to either be "branded" or very cheap. I hadn't heard of the Korean brand Verus before, but they have a website and they're sold on Amazon so they seem pretty big.

Case-wise, this holds 2 cards. It isn't as chunky as OtterBox's or Targus' card-holding cases. There's a lot of wasted space around the cards because the phone is so much bigger, though. The door is meant to slide open but it can easily be removed. I wouldn't stick any rings or lanyard attachments on the door.

Buttons are fully covered. Ports have individual cut-outs. They're quite small so cables with big plugs won't fit. So far I'm happy with this case.

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  1. I was going to use a stick-on pouch I previously accepted. I did want a rigid, rather aluminium, case to prevent winding.