11 January, 2015

Stick-On Card Pouches

There aren't many choices for phone cases with card storage, which is odd because there's a demand for them - my posts on such cases are some of the most popular posts on this site. An alternative is to get a normal case, and get a stick on pouch / wallet / pocket. The aim of this post is to collect such pouches I've come across.

First, there's the Sinji Pouch (not shinji), by Sinjimoru. First mentioned in iPhone 5 Card Cases. I think I've bought one, but can't find it right now. These pouches are highly elastic and can hold other things like earphones and even small bottles (!) I think they're made of Spandex/Lycra (just found out these 2 are the same material!)
Ok yup, I found mine. Obviously, haven't used it yet:
They have a few different models and I'm not sure what the differences are.

KAPOTAS - The Dual Purpose Wallet with Re-Usable Backing
Made of leather, works alone or sticks to phones with micro-suction acrylic foam.

The PigiBak: Simply a better way to carry your stuff. 
Looks similar to the Sinji pouch. They say this is made of Lycra Spandex.

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