07 December, 2014

Ace Of Base

I heard this song on the radio. The chorus went something like "don't turn around". Hmm, that sounds a lot like another song, I think it goes "all that she wants". Searched for the second song. Yup, "All That She Wants" is a 1993 song by Ace Of Base. So did don't turn around copy / was inspired by / is a tribute to All That She Wants? Searched for it, turns out Don't Turn Around came out first, in 1992, also by Ace Of Base! I prefer All That She Wants. Hmm do all their songs sound like that? I know there's a band whose songs all start with a long, drawn-out female voice: "hooooowwww caaaaann yoooooouuuu sseeeeee....."

New songs inspired by old:
"Pump It", Black Eyed Peas - Misirlou
"On The Floor", Jennifer Lopez - Stereo Love (this was the song I was actually thinking about when I wrote this, but I couldn't remember either of their names. And this isn't simply sounding similar - they straight off ripped the tune from the other song. It's not only my opinion, either: J-Lo’s "On the Floor": Plagiarizing a plagiarized song?)
"Feel This Moment", Christina Aguilera - Take On Me (what is it with Pitbull and using melodies from old songs?)
Ice Ice Baby and Under Pressure I don't know who copied whom.

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