18 September, 2014

iOS 8 And Photo Stream

iOS 8 was just released today, and it's made some very serious changes to Photo Stream - it's basically killed it. Seriously, it's no longer there, and Photo Stream isn't even mentioned anymore on iOS 8's webpage. All your photos that weren't in a Camera Roll on any of your devices are gone.


Photo Stream (PS) and Camera Roll (CR) were maintained as separate, independent sets on your iPhone. You could store and delete photos from either one. I kept CR as a sort of "new" set of photos I hadn't backed up/organised yet, and PS as a recycle bin. PS was limited to 1000 photos on iOS devices, possibly more on computers.

iOS 8

What iOS 8 appears to have done:
  • Delete/remove access to PS
  • Transfer photos from all CRs across all devices to the new PS. Since I haven't updated my iPad yet, and it still knew what photos were on its CR when the iPad was sleeping, it appears to remember either a) what's on your CR, or b) which photos in the old PS haven't been deleted from your CR.
  • new PS/CR are one and shared across all devices. Basically from the app alone, you can't tell which photo came from which device.
  • Recently Added appears to be a replacement for Camera Roll, but how long photos stay in it is unknown. Recently Deleted appears to be a replacement for how I used to use Photo Stream (i.e., a recycle bin).
People (and of course Apple) are touting this as an improvement, mainly because PS is no longer limited to 1000 photos, but the huge omission is couldn't they have done this without deleting old PS photos?

Incidentally, in Settings, Photos & Camera, there's an option for Summarise Photos. I figured out what this does is either show all photos in Years or Collections view, or show photos in sets of 10 (i.e. if you have 54 photos, it shows a summary of 50)

There are some photos in my new photo whatever that weren't on any CR and survived, so it looks like even when deleting photos, Apple can't do it properly? Sigh.

Apple discussions, because Apple's discussion interface is worse than Reddit's. Seriously. I had 2 tabs open, signed in, and it wouldn't recognise me in the other tab. No, ok, I opened that discussion in the signed in tab and it STILL made me sign in! What's the difference between Follow and Bookmark? WHY IS MY LIST OF BOOKMARKS SO HARD TO FIND?
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