09 August, 2014

Exercise Bikes vs Treadmills

I just bought an exercise bike. I think treadmills are better practice for running, and may be more challenging, but bikes have the following advantages:
  • Safer - if you trip or faint or whatever on a bike, nothing's going to happen to you.
  • Last longer / easier maintenance - I've seen so many treadmills with tangled belts / out of service. There are so many moving parts and a motor. I feel a bike would be easier to repair.
  • Cheaper - comparing the same quality, of course
  • Can be used to exercise leg muscles
  • Multitasking - you can use a treadmill while watching TV, and maaybe reading. You can use a laptop, tablet, phone, while cycling. More convenient = more likely to exercise.
  • Wider range of fitness/age - related to safer, even people with difficulty walking can cycle.

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