01 August, 2014

Banyan Tree Bintan Part 3 (Final)

Finally, the last part of the Banyan Tree review.

Buffet Breakfast

Like every 5-star hotel, they have a wide spread of food for the buffet breakfast, from cereal, to cold cuts, to breads and pastries, to freshly cooked food:
Dried fruit and cheeses

Porridge and miso soup

They also had fresh pancakes and crepes. I didn't take those small bottles of jam home.
They have my favourite, eggs as you like them. It's outside so I didn't see it at first. You can go and order yourself, or you can also ask the staff to order for you.
A sampling of the hot food they had, including the famous Indonesian mee goreng. You'll notice the white gravy dish in the top picture was what we had for lunch the previous day, in this picture from part 1. Also in that picture from part 1, on the bottom right plate there's a small bowl of ikan bilis/anchovies, which they also had for breakfast.

Ok I gotta be honest, during breakfast we saw a cockroach on the floor. This place is a little too close to nature.


Like check-in, you don't have to queue at a counter. You wait in the library and check-out at a desk. It's convenient because you have time to analyse the bill after charging everything to your room!
Some people complain about, oh, everything's in USD but the final charge to your card is in IDR, so they're earning on the exchange rate. Honestly, if it matters that much to you, maybe you should stay somewhere else. I've been on enough scrimp-and-save "holidays" that I'd much rather not travel than pinch pennies.

During check-out, they'll even liaise with your ferry operator to print your ferry tickets for you! You can get a car transfer to the ferry terminal for USD12.50 one-way, for up to 3 people. I got the impression we could leave at any time, so I think the car is always there.

In conclusion, it was a very relaxing and pampering experience. A little too close to nature (insects, mosquitoes), but beautifully decorated and very friendly staff. I think if you don't leave the resort, 2 nights might be the most before you run out of things to do. Next time I might visit the market, or there are tour companies that operate interesting day-trips (shopping, massage, go-kart, nature walks etc.). Have fun!

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