10 July, 2014

SPH Shop & Win Challenge 2014

I got an SMS saying
Congrats u've been selected for SPH GSS Challenge. 30+ prizes. Subaru car, fridge, tour, cash, etc. Be at Vivo City Amphitheatre, Sat 5/7 12.00pm with IC & RECEIPT dated xxxxxx for $x. Challenge about 2 hrs. Casual wear. Enquiries...
I've been entering SPH's Great Singapore Sale lucky draw, by SMSing whenever I spent at least $50 at any of the participating shopping malls. Looks like I got into the second stage of the lucky draw. When I searched online for people's experiences and what to expect, I couldn't find anything, so, in the spirit of this blog, I'm writing what I did here, that it might help others. Apparently there's going to be another draw in 4 weeks, which might be the same, so someone could find it useful.

First, this was the Vivo City amphitheatre the day before:
It's on the top floor, outdoors, near Marche and the Food Republic food court. The stage was already set up. On the day itself, they had these posters:
I think the GSS is 8 weeks long, so they have 2 of these, every 4 weeks. There's a car to be won at each one of these.

What you do is first you queue up and receive a registration form after they verify your receipt and IC.

This is the registration form:
There were 30 prizes to be won in total, with some repeated. There was also a final draw for 3×$100 prizes, for those who didn't win anything (I think to get people to stick around to the end). Meanwhile, people accompanying the participants played quizzes and won small things like water bottles.
The registration form is all you need to play the game. It's odd that such an important form doesn't have a serial number. I mean, if someone could obtain copies of the form, they could play several times.

So, after receiving the form and filling it out, you queue again to play the game. You don't have to queue immediately. There were a lot of people queuing, so 1/3 of the amphitheatre was reserved for people to sit while queuing:

What is the game? You kick a football down a pinball-like ramp with boxes at the bottom. Whichever box it ends up in, you get into the draw for that prize. The car is, of course, the hardest box to get into. (Hmm, ok, I can't embed videos from Picasa Web Albums.)
You get disqualified if: your ball doesn't reach the ramp, your ball falls out of the ramp or stage, or your ball lands in one of the 2 red card boxes. If your ball gets stuck on the ramp, you get to go again. If you're disqualified, you still get a chance at the $100 prize at the end. Here's a view of the stage:

After kicking, you wait until everyone's had a go (about 1.5 hours), then they start drawing the prizes. So you could either go early, kick, then leave and come back later, or I would go about 1 hour after the start time.

The prize drawing:
Some statistics: there were 20,000 entries (not very sure on this one), 600 chosen to go on this day, 12 got in the car box, and of course, one winner of the car. The next draw is for a Nissan Sylphy.

Hope this helped! Good luck!

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