25 June, 2014

Silhouette: Wallet Organiser 3

First 2 attempts
  • Longer, so it doesn't disappear inside my wallet (it's in a side-loading slot)
  • Corrected microSD reader slot size
  • Funky needle slot wasn't that useful; switching to plain

The cut pattern on scrap scrapbook paper. This looks like those waterjet/laser cut metal designs out of sheet metal! I cut 7 but only used 4.

The 4 layers stuck to another piece of scrap card. The bottom layer was cut by hand. Future improvements:
  • Cut bottom layer with Silhouette
  • Cut markings into bottom layer so long arms can align to them and not sway
  • Make arms thicker for less sway/easier gluing
  • Find way to better align layers (less Tower of Pisa-ing)

Side view showing the thickness

And this is it loaded. I found some white "haze" on the USB drives, probably from the superglue. Maybe wait overnight before using after gluing next time. Oh I combined the SIM card and needle slots into one, because the separators would have been too thin and flimsy anyway, and this lets me store even bigger cards (SD?)

Update 23 Sep 15
Shapeways had free shipping again. I can't design in 3D, but they have a tool that lets you convert 2D plans into 3D, which is great for simple designs like this. So I made this ($6):
It's slightly smaller than a business card. The dots at the bottom are at 1 cm intervals. Looks ok. I should make the base thinner and walls thicker. And maybe add holes in the base to reduce volume. It's already a bit flimsy, though.

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