19 June, 2014

Melt Valentine's Day Dinner 2014 Part 2

In the middle of the food area is the island for cold seafood. I think it's the "Seafood Colosseum":
I didn't eat most of this, including the crab, lobster and crayfish. Cold, boiled/steamed seafood isn't my kind of thing. But if you like this kind of food, it's worth eating a lot of this.

Now outside, the "BBQ Extravaganza", was my highlight.
Actually, the hut was quite small for the number of things on the menu. The truth is, you don't have access to all the kinds of food whenever you want, like the food inside. At any point in time, only maybe 5 things are cooking that you can choose from.
On the left was the gourmet salts and sauces. Inside the cabinet is the raw food.
The suckling pig on the roast. There was some on the bottom cut up already.
This is what they typically have at any one time. I think there's satay, lamb, prawns and lobster.
This is what I grabbed.

Oh this is an escargot from the European section (should have been in Part 1):
As you can see the colours in my pictures are a bit off, and they're a bit noisy. As I said, it's not very bright in here (but still brighter than Morton's). If you want to take pictures, try and bring a camera that's good in low light.

There's some more roast here between the foie gras and lobster noodle stations:
This is the foie gras. They're really small servings. People concerned about animal cruelty may want to skip this.
Lobster noodles:
Actually, not very tasty.

Some freshly-cooked Indian food (tandoori chicken):

And now, to my other highlight: THE DESSERTS! I'm trying to do this from left to right.
The chocolate fountain is on the left of this. Here is freshly-made waffles.
Honey from a honeycomb! (This is a close-up of the previous picture)
Bread and butter pudding and apple crumble
Ok this table is around the corner from the previous one. The cook in this picture is the one making the waffles.
Notice anything odd about this picture and the previous one? I took this picture when I just arrived.
Some of the cakes were nice, some were average.
Fresh fruits and fruit juice.

Lastly, they came and gave this dessert to every couple. It's special because you only get one!

They can take your picture and give it to you in their own photo frame. A nice souvenir!

After a few days, the rose... I can't tell if it bloomed or wilted. Anyway, I bet you haven't seen the inside of a rose before.

Some general tips:
  • It was full, so booking is essential. Remember to specify where you want to sit (I don't know if you can, but you should be able to).
  • Also, they might have been overwhelmed. I asked for a tool to crack the seafood shells and still haven't got it. This is the first time I've been let down by MO's service. So, er, try and BYO.
  • You pretty much have your seat for the whole time. They're not seating 2 waves tonight, so take your time.
  • Now I'm thinking, if I wanted to go again and take pictures, I'd try and go early so I could capture whole dishes and without people in the way. And try and take the pictures in some sort of order.

Ok now the big question: Was it worth it?
I think it depends on what you compare it with and what's your budget. It's certainly one of the more expensive options on V day, but not totally outlandish. I saw a few other restaurants' packages, like Antoinette's, and they're also around $80 per person, and not a buffet. So if your budget allows for it, it's worth your consideration, especially if you like seafood/BBQ. Hopefully these posts helped you make a choice and gave you an idea what to expect / what to eat!

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