16 June, 2014

Leatherman Rebar

Ok it's been a while, but roughly 45 days after I sent out my PST II, I got a package from Leatherman. Inside was a Rebar and a nylon sheath! The Rebar looks just like a new one - no scratches or marks whatsoever. I'm really amazed that they sent a replacement overseas, no questions asked, without asking to see the receipt or warranty information. I expected them to at least ask me to pay for postage, which, according to the package, cost $12.13. They actually sent it by USPS First-Class which had a tracking number, but didn't tell me it.

I've been reading up and comparing the Rebar with their other tools. It seems to be their replacement to the PST line - the most telling feature is the "box" style, which is only present on 3 of their current tools: the Micra, Rebar and Super Tool 300. The box style, which the PST II also had, refers to the outside of the tool having flat surfaces (i.e. no tools) when closed. To access the tools, the pliers must be opened first. The Rebar seems very popular and has gotten good reviews online. I checked the price and a new one will cost almost double what I paid for my PST II! The only thing I don't like about it is the lack of scissors, which, as I mentioned, was my reason for getting the PST II and one of my most-used tools. I notice its tools have a matte finish, almost like they're made of aluminium. I wonder why? Is it the steel used? Or did they save on a polishing step? The handles, like all parts of my PST II, have the same shiny finish. I keep thinking the Rebar is huge - and it is, compared to my PST II, but most people are treating it like a compact tool. Surprisingly, it actually weighs LESS than the Wave or Charge, but I keep thinking it looks bigger. I guess I won't be carrying this around, at least I have my Style PS now.

Just really amazed at Leatherman's warranty and service!

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