28 May, 2014

Revision Sawfly

These glasses had so much potential... but they became the first product I returned to Amazon.

I have difficulty finding glasses that fit, so when I saw these, I was so happy. They came in 3 sizes! My head size was at the smallest of the large size's range! Surely I'd found glasses for me now! And they had a wide range of accessories and lenses!

Unfortunately, no. Firstly, the frame was no wider than normal glasses'. Secondly, the biggest problem, the frame was excessively curved. Even when the arms were pressed against my head, the nosepiece was still 2 cm away. Wearing these was like putting a watermelon into a bowl. Lastly, the lenses were thicker than normal, making the frame stiffer and more uncomfortable.
The width of the hinges was only 15 cm. My Oakley Radars' was already 14+ cm. Plus, you can see from the picture, the nosepiece is very far from the measuring tape.

I visited 2 opticians to see if they could adjust them, but they couldn't adjust the one-piece lens. I tried the headstrap. Surprisingly, it worked! By tightening it, I could force the glasses into the correct position! But wearing them like that for more than an hour gave me a headache from the arms pressing into the sides of my head. I gave up.

Do branded products really make a difference? It's a popular opinion that "branded" things like sports apparel and bags' extra cost only goes to marketing, and you can get a similar product from lesser brands. But I'm seeing this is not the case. Firstly, there is a noticeable difference in sports shoes brands, even cheaper and more expensive brands. I feel Reebok, of which I have had several pairs, and Li Ning, are not as comfortable as Nikes. And here. Despite claiming durability, Revision is significantly cheaper than Oakley. But it's very odd - my Radar can (barely) fit me, and when someone 1.5 m tall wears them, they don't look too odd either. But the Sawfly can't fit me, and when someone 1.5 m tall wears them, they're comically oversized! So the Radar can somehow fit a wider range of sizes? Maybe its increased price is justified.

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