03 May, 2014

Key Smart 2

Fixed-Width Key Organisers

e.g. Lattice, BladeKey Bolt
There's another kind of organiser with a similar design, except the handles are made of a single piece, of fixed width. That means you can only hold a fixed number of keys. I think for sacrificing flexibility, you get a more secure holder; at least you can tighten it without making the keys too stiff to use.

I wish someone would make a spring-loaded one - press a button and your key would flick out, like car keys or knives.

Loop Modification

The loop that the KeySmart comes with is too small. It won't even fit Nite Ize's smallest plastic S-biner. I think it fits the steel ones, since they're selling those on the KeySmart website. Well, I noticed the key blanks it came with have much larger holes:
So, I cut another hole in it and used the original hole to attach things to. Works great! While I was at it, I thought I'd make a "multitool" out of the key, and cut a notch into it as a package/tape opener and stuck some sandpaper for a file. I'm going to reshape the tip into a screwdriver/pry bar.
Side view of the package opener:

Next, I'm thinking of transferring some tools from my True Utility multitool.


The diameter of the key post is less than 5.2 mm, so if the holes in your keys are greater than that, you're good.

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