13 April, 2014

Silhouette: Wallet Organiser

So this is my first attempt to "3D print" with my Silhouette by gluing layers together. I'm trying to make a credit card-sized "wallet organiser", to hold my USB drive, some SIM/microSIM/microSD cards, and a SIM eject tool (needle). The good thing about this project is I can use small pieces of scrap card.
First model, stuck together with the common water-based glue for paper. It didn't stick the glossy card too well, probably because it doesn't absorb water. Problems with this design: a bit too big, cannot slide out USB drive (must lift, meaning you have to take the whole organiser out).

Second model: much smaller. This has room for 2 drives: my Toshiba TransMemory-Mini, and a tiny microSD card reader I bought from eBay for $1, including shipping. It's about the same size as this Kingston one on Amazon. People say the Kingston one doesn't last very long, but I'm hoping that's because they keep it with their keys, anyway this one is only $1. I'm intending to use this as my sole USB drive, since it's a) thinner than the TransMemory, b) possibly faster, if I use a class 10 microSD card. TransMemory and SD card reader can be slid out. SD card reader slot was cut too small (I don't know how I made that mistake). Has rooms for 1 microSIM/microSD and 1 normal SIM, which I'm using to hold adapters for now. Has slot for needle, which can also be slid out. Aside: size 22 tapestry needle works fine as a SIM eject tool for iPhones, and it's not too sharp.

I stuck this model together with brush-on superglue, which works great. I don't like the water-based glue because it's not waterproof, but mainly afraid that it might migrate onto my electronics.

Now this model is a bit too short. I really want to make this out of shrink plastic, but I haven't found a way to uniformly shrink it yet.

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