05 April, 2014

Silhouette Studio 3

Silhouette has released version 3 of Silhouette Studio, and I'm excited about the new features! I wonder if you can still freely download it without proving you have a machine, though.

Before You Upgrade

A list of things to do / good practices before you upgrade. Also applies to other software.
  • Backup your library. At the same time, note the contents. At least the total number of files. After upgrading, make sure all the files are there.
  • Deactivate your Designer Edition (if you have it) - your DE code can only be used a certain number of times. If your upgrade fails or you lose your DE status, you may lose one of those times forever. Also applies to iTunes (only 5 devices can be registered to one Apple account, but at least you can reset all those 5 devices once a year) and the Kindle store (looks like you can deregister devices without having that device, so it may not matter if your device is lost/corrupted)
  • BACKUP YOUR CUT SETTINGS! Looks like they're not transferred! (Update: Oops, looks like they're still there, but at the bottom now) Fortunately I upgraded a less used copy first. This is a good time to remind everyone not to rely on Studio saving your cut settings, because you can't tell whether it's saving or not. Put your cut settings into the name of your profile, e.g. "Computer paper 8-7-1", meaning speed 8, thickness 7, depth 1.


That I like, not the whole list
  • Cut by line color - this removes the need for my hack
  • Draw polygons (but still no stars, though)
  • Control overcuts (extend the cut lines of polygons, so a square becomes #)
  • Library backup!
  • Layers support!
I just wish they'd add keyboard shortcuts.

Wow, looking at the comments, looks like a lot of people can't figure out the cut by line colour feature. Sure, there are some changes, like Office 2007 and the Ribbon, but I'd like to think crafters are an adaptable, quick-learning lot.

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