24 April, 2014

Missing iPhone Apps 3

Part 1
Part 2

I found these apps from iTunes - Store - Purchased - Apps. Aside, this category is useless since there's no link to the app in the store, you can't click or right-click on these apps, except to hide them, making it impossible to find out anything about these apps directly. That's why I had so much trouble finding the first app:

"Timer‰" by Tim O's Studios This is a stupidly named app, since most people don't know how to type ‰. That's why I'm putting the developer here. Didn't appear with restore. No data to backup.

AirBeam This is actually the only app I've seen that can stream video between copies of itself over WiFi, i.e. FaceTime without an Internet connection. Quite useful.

Cattail.Nu Counter This app lets you count a list of items with one tap, with a twist: it can produce a log of the times taps were made. I originally wanted to use this app to keep track of sales.

There were a couple of other apps, but I didn't put them here since they're not critical and they have no data.

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