05 April, 2014

Declining English

English online seems to be on the decline:
  • your you're
  • there their they're
  • would of/could of
  • peeple speling wurds lyk dey sund
  • People who don' t know how to use punctuation . Like this.Or this.

But the point of this post isn't to complain, it's to say maybe things aren't that bad. I've thought of 2 reasons for these trends.
  1. The barrier to going online is decreasing. In the past you needed to know how to dial a phone number and remember a password. Now you pretty much only need to pay a bill. So maybe people's English isn't getting worse, it's just that more people with poor language skills are going online.
  2. Mobile devices. Besides autocorrect being totally wrong, I think they're an explanation for the weird punctuation. On many devices , you need to enter a space to complete a word , which explains sentences like this . Also, more errors committed on mobile keyboards + people who don't proofread.

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