22 March, 2014

Coin Pouches

My wallet doesn't have a place to hold coins, so I searched for a coin pouch. Eventually, I got this from Amazon:
It's made from PVC so it's quite flexible. You squeeze it to open and it closes when you let go. It sounds a bit insecure, but it's quite thick, so I don't have any problems with coins dropping out. Inside, it has a logo saying "Quikoin".
  • Can open with one hand
  • Large area to display coins; makes finding coins faster
  • Secure
  • Fits beside my wallet in my pocket
  • Capacity is just right
  • I don't really like PVC as a material, and this must have lots of plasticiser so it may not be healthy.
  • Sometimes, it doesn't open and bends inwards instead.

But before this, I tried making it out of InstaMorph:
This didn't work, because InstaMorph is too stiff. If you make it thin enough to flex, I think it won't be strong enough.
Anyway, here's the making process:
It's easiest to make a tube, slit it, then weld the ends shut.

I also spent a while trying to cut one out of paper, but these wouldn't even last a week, and they don't open up:
I might have better luck with a design that opens up and slides coins onto the lid, like this product: http://www.amazon.com/TACCO-Italian-Leather-Coin-Purse/dp/B000EN4EUK/ref=pd_sbs_shoe_7?ie=UTF8&refRID=0KDPZDE3RC5968JSC0HP
After I stopped trying to make one with my Silhouette, I got an idea for a design like the top, Lucky Line one. I might try that if I start again. Or I could even 3D print one, with rigid facets connected by flexible hinges, like this bag:

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