02 January, 2014

T2L4* Tactical Lights

*Things To Look For
(Tactical torch torches torchlights torchlight light lights flash flashlight flashlights)

  • At least 600 lumens
  • Strobe mode
  • Dim mode (<40 lumens)
  • Can choose which mode it turns on and off in - I don't want to blind myself with the brightest mode every time I turn it on, or have to scroll through modes
  • Regulated power (light doesn't get dimmer as batteries run out)
  • Accepts both rechargeable lithium and disposable batteries, in case I can't charge it
  • Lock-out mode
  • Flat base to stand on
  • Doesn't roll
  • Water submersible (IPX8)

  • USB charging
  • "Zoomable", convertible between flood and spot, without affecting waterproofing - doesn't seem likely, I had a look and the only big brand that had this was LED Lenser
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Pocket clip (bidirectional is a bonus)
  • Preferably side switched

Update 19 Jun 14
Here are some USB charging torches I've found:
  • Nitecore MH25 - 860-40 lumens, SGD$125 on Nitecore site. 18650, CR123 or rechargeable CR123 (RCR123) batteries (can only charge 18650). Switch tends to break. Lowest setting still too high. Hard to select modes.
  • Nitecore P25 - 860-2 lumens, SGD$155 on Nitecore site. CR123, 18650 or RCR123 batteries. Higher-end than the MH25, with more modes, a wider brightness range and weapon mounting. Can indicate battery voltage!
  • Nitecore P12 - similar functions, modes and brightness to the P25, but smaller (2.54 cm throughout). No USB charging. 90 grams. Can indicate battery voltage!
  • Nitecore MH2C - 800-39 lumens, SGD$120 on Nitecore site, USD$57 on Amazon. 18650, CR123 or rechargeable CR123 (RCR123) batteries (can only charge 18650). Similar specs to the MH25, but with a constant-width body like the Fenix UC40UE (the MH25 and P25 have heads wider than their bodies).
  • Fenix UC40UE - 960-10 lumens, USD$86 on Amazon. 18650 or CR123A batteries.
  • Klarus RS16 - magnetic charging connector. SGD$105 on Black Tactical. 16340 or CR123A batteries.
  • Klarus ST11 - 900 lumens, SGD$100 on Black Tactical. USB charging cap S$29 more. No non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Klarus XT11 Gen 4 - 820 lumens, SGD$110 on Black Tactical. No USB charging. 18650 or CR123A batteries.
  • Klarus RS11 (new model) - 930-5 lumens, SGD$160 on Black Tactical (old model). 18650 or CR123 batteries with USB charging. Magnetic charging cable attachment - like Apple's MacBooks. No need for rubber port covers! Has "variable frequency" strobe, by which they mean the strobe cycles between 2 fixed frequencies, not that you can tune the frequency. I can't find the new model for sale anywhere.

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