14 January, 2014

MyFriday travel tubes

I like my GoToob, but it was expensive and I couldn't find any alternatives in eBay, Amazon, AliExpress or TaoBao. So I bought my FIFO bottles. Companies seem to have finally caught on, as now I'm seeing similar products. Groupon recently offered one by MyFriday:
They're much cheaper than the original GoToob - about $12 for 3 versus $15 for a single large GoToob. They also come in similar sizes to GoToobs. Only the medium GoToob has a suction cup, but all the sizes here have one.

They also contain an identification ring, like GoToobs, but the biggest difference between these and GoToobs is the identification ring here is octagonal and locks into place. GoToob's ring can rotate unless you tighten the cap very tight. Is it me, or does the font on the labels look similar to English characters in Chinese software? I think the white plastic part looks a bit "rougher" than the GoToob as well. Maybe it's made from a different plastic.

I've only tried filling them with water and squeezing them - no leakage. They also seem to dispense normally and relatively straight (if the x cut into the valve is off-centre, the stream will also be off). I don't think these are rated food safe, though.

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