19 December, 2013

Technical Uses For Silhouette

Here are some other people who've found other uses for the Silhouette's capabilities:

Cutting mylar stencils with a silohuette cameo
To make stencils for applying solder paste. They're really pushing the detail capabilities of the machine - as small as 0.5 mm. Interestingly, Silhouette Studio software causes some cutting defects, so they've found a way to send scripts to the Cameo, avoiding these defects.

Explorations with the Silhouette Cameo Cutter
Apparently written by an engineer, this is pretty much what I'm trying to do with mine, e.g. "Cutting at a Precise Location"

Here, I want to share a secret. Most uses of these craft cutters are for scrapbooking. But I don't like scrapbooking. I see those photo frames or "posters" with ribbons and buttons and Eiffel Towers stuck on them and they look horribly messy, like what happens when I take everything I like and stick them on a piece of card, with no regard to harmony or organisation. Like cooking - it doesn't work. So I like the machine but I don't like its main purpose.

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