20 November, 2013

PortPilot Pro Packaging


I got my PortPilot Pro! This is my first time ordering a crowdfunded physical product, so I'm excited. Things were already going well with the project being relatively on time and delivery being faster than expected.
It arrived in a big padded envelope, with a USB extension cable sealed in a plastic bag. The packaging for Pro and normal units seem the same - a small ziplock bag and a thank you card.

This is the Pro, in its 3D printed case! The cases in the pictures were all black, so I was surprised to receive a clear one. I prefer this to black, anyway. And a 3D printed case is MUCH better than a heat-shrink tubing one. Note: it's upside-down in this picture.

On the top - it has an FCC mark. It's FCC certified?

On the left - female USB port. Lots of 3D printing lines.

On the bottom - PortPilot Pro. It's very hard to read because of the 3D printing artifacts.

Ok, this was unexpected, but I found the cover was loose and can be removed easily. So here's a look at the inside! Words about the screen - the screen is blue and backlit with white light. The text appears in negative (i.e. white on blue). The light is very bright and I thought I wouldn't be able to leave it on overnight at first, then I found out it's dimmable. Great idea! Lastly, the actual pixel area of the screen is less than the blue area in the picture.

I don't know much about circuit design, but this circuit board looks very neat and tidy to me. I hope everything lasts! They said they'll release the design for the case, so I'm thinking of redesigning it to be more compact, seal better, and relieve stress on the USB ports, if possible. Meanwhile I might put a screen protector on the screen.

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