27 November, 2013


I've used HSG enough to get a feel of their service. I've ordered at least 6 times, and their service has been generally fast and reliable. One thing to pay attention to is the tax limits for your country. If you exceed the limit, your shipment is taxable, so it may be cheaper to split shipments. I've had 2 issues:

The first time, my package was taking very long to arrive at HSG. Tracking said it had been delivered. So I chatted with HSG (no waiting time), and, with my tracking number, they could immediately trace that my package had been delivered but wasn't addressed properly so they didn't know where to assign it. This was the sender's fault and HSG was able to fix it quickly.

The second problem was I had a package that was 17 kg, which they said could be repacked to 12 kg. So I paid for 12 kg, but when I got it, it only measured to 8 kg. I sent an email to them but got no reply. So I opened a chat, told them my problem, emailed them photos of my measurements, and in 2 days they said they'd refund me some money. I'm not sure how much weight they finally charged me for.

I hope the second problem was an honest mistake, not them intentionally overcharging. At least they resolved it with no fuss. Anyone buying things should measure them themselves to be sure. On the whole - quite happy with their service.

Added 3 Dec 13
Argh I knew I wrote about this before, but I couldn't find it when I wrote the above.
Hop Shop Go, 27 Februrary 2013

17 Feb 14
A few more issues with HSG:
1. Many people's credit cards have been hacked. They're still not sure what the source of the leak is, as there's no common factor in all the cards. However, ComGateway is a strong suspect. CGW is the parent company behind HSG, i.e. HSG is a PayPal "front" for CGW. http://forums.hardwarezone.com.sg/eat-drink-man-woman-16/anyone-received-unauthorized-transactions-neweb-technologies-taipei-citibank-cc-4570379.html CGW has denied any problems on their end. So far, no complaints about HSG.

2. Similar to my second problem above, I'm beginning to suspect HSG overcalculates volumetric weight regularly.
If you search for hopshopgo overcharging, you'll find some invalid complaints like: they charge more than the actual weight (because they're charging by volumetric weight), they round up to the nearest 0.5 kg per package, and they're not willing to combine smaller packages (NO shipping company I've found is willing to send you less packages than they receive. If they get 3 packages, they'll send you 3, no more no less, no matter what. I suspect the risk of complaints of missing things is way too high.)
But among these results are a few valid complaints, like http://forums.vogue.com.au/showthread.php?t=364991&page=2 and http://forum.purseblog.com/general-shopping/hopshopgo-comgateway-overcharging-customers-839909.html. It looks like this is more likely to happen if you use the repack function.

3. I'm trying Vpost, because they had a promotion. One good thing so far is they round up to the nearest 0.1 kg, instead of 0.5 like HSG. However, people say Vpost's service is terrible. I like their Popstations (a self-service locker, like Amazon has), though. At least I don't need to bother with deliveries. One odd thing is their insurance is VERY expensive - $10 per package; HSG's is less than 1% of the price.

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