18 October, 2013

Toshiba USB drive

I was looking for a thin USB drive for my wallet. My SanDisk Cruzer Edge was a bit thick, and I found a good one by Toshiba:
It looks roughly half the thickness of the Edge. It's what I call "half-height", meaning it's only the thickness of the plastic part of the USB plug, not the whole metal shield. I guess this is the minimum thickness, since any thinner and it won't make good contact with the USB port.
SanDisk has a smaller drive, the Cruzer Fit, which is only slightly larger than a USB plug and barely sticks out when plugged in. But it's the full thickness of the plug, so it's thicker than the one I got.

Aside: Currently, the smallest USB drives available are 8 GB.

Update 28 Jun 14
The side of the Toshiba drive has cracked:
Doesn't affect its function, but still disappointing. I wonder if it could be something I'm doing? My Sony drive also cracked in almost the same position, and I think I have a SanDisk one like that too. What could I be doing to them?
Anyway, if I wanted a durable USB drive, I'd get one with a metal connector.

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