13 September, 2013

Noosy Visible Flashing Cable

The first flashing cable I saw was by Dexim. I would have bought that one, except it has bad reviews on Amazon. I thought the no-brand ones couldn't be better. I hadn't heard of Noosy before, except to buy their nano-micro-SIM adapter kit, so I gave it a try.

First, I thought it would be a waste to buy the Lightning connector version, since I can only use it with my iPhone. I decided to buy the micro USB version and the Apple micro USB adapter.
The packaging is quite big for a tiny adapter. It only comes mounted on cardboard. I wish they gave a case or something.

Besides being lighted and having moving lights, the lights actually have a function. The speed of the lights corresponds to the charging current. So you can use the cable to compare chargers! You can also use it to troubleshoot or estimate how charged your phone is. The packaging says there are 3 speeds, but I feel like I can see more. Note: this is an EL (electroluminescent) cable, which is different from LED cables. There are some LED cables that also light up, but the lights don't move. I think those are cheaper.

The cable came in an antistatic bag and a velcro cable-tie. You can see the Lightning adapter on the cable here. I took this picture with my LED light and I like the effect.

How bright is it? It's not very bright. In indoor lighting, you have to pay attention to see it. But in the dark, it looks good:
Close-up (hard to take because it needs fast shutter speed to capture the motion):

I've actually used it to compare charging speeds of my Lenovo G580 laptop's USB port, and the Apple USB adapter that came with my iPhone, and the USB adapter charges faster!

This video also helped me learn how to rotate and resize videos in Premiere, and add titles.

Update 25 Sep 13
Ok it's true. The lights were flickering for a short while and now they don't work anymore. I only used it for less than 2 months. NOT RECOMMENDED.

Update 6 Nov 13
I noticed a black spot on the cable and thought it was a piece of dirt at first. On closer look, I noticed it seemed to be within the cable itself. It looks like the EL wire has shorted at this point. The USB function seems to be ok. I thought EL wire could just be cut and still work?

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