31 May, 2013

Luggage Scale

This was one of the first things I bought on eBay, for around $7. I bought it to calculate postage costs for selling things on eBay. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it, but it's a dark blue colour like in the picture below, and the front only has a screen with 4 digits and a red LED.

It recently stopped working after the batteries leaked, so I opened it up.
The strap is tied directly to the metal parts, not the plastic case, so it's stronger than I thought. In fact, holding it by the strap might be stronger than holding it by the case. The measurement sensor seems to be the part covered in white epoxy. The metal seems to be arranged in a Z shape (when the scale is vertical).

It was very useful, especially when traveling. The only problem was the hook was difficult to attach to luggage straps. I have another scale of a different model, but if I didn't, I'd buy another one. Maybe with a strap to attach to luggage and a backlit screen.

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