04 May, 2013

Bioshock Infinite

Some thoughts after I finished the game. I won't post any spoilers.

This is one of the few PC games I've finished recently, so it must be quite good. (I didn't finish the original Bioshock) Things I liked:
  • Interesting plot. If people are debating what really happened, that's a good sign.
  • Immersive environment

Things I didn't like:
  • The save system (or lack of it), as mentioned by everyone. There were many things I wanted to try out in the game, but couldn't for lack of save points. Tips: if you try and exit the game, it'll tell you when you last saved before exiting. Some doors save whenever you go past them, in either direction, so you can use them as a physical save point.
  • Lack of destructible environments. I played my first run at very low graphics settings, but even on medium, there are very few things you can destroy. It feels odd. Counter-Strike had destroyable chickens even while it was still in beta. The birds in Columbia are hardier and bulletproof.
  • Perhaps partially due to this, the game feels very scripted. This is particularly so when they ask you to "Press F to pick up the piece of paper". "Press F to pass the paper to character".
  • The facial expressions are severely limited, like everyone's been botoxed. At the start of the game, the kids playing and the couples having some alone time look like they're wearing masks. Elizabeth has slightly more expressions, but I think the expressions are comparable to Half Life 2's. They certainly aren't 9 years ahead. I wonder if this is because they're on the verge of the uncanny valley, and making things more realistic would make them worse. Maybe we'll only emerge on the other side when technology advances.

Playing through a second time, I'm noticing a lot more new things.

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