21 April, 2013

Razer Vespula

I got a Razer Vespula as a present!
Long ago, there was this mousepad called Everglide that sold for $20-30. At that time, I thought it was quite expensive, but finally bought one when I found one cheap. It was great. There's a dearth of hard mousepads now; only gaming companies seem to be making them and I could only find Razer ones in stores. $30 seems a bargain for a hard mousepad!

Mousepads and wrist rests are 2 things that you think, "I can use almost any everyday object as one, what's the point of paying for one?" I used to think like that, until I got my Everglide, and found out good mousepads really make a difference.

I like the Vespula because it's double-sided and has a wrist rest.

The smoother side has a meter icon.

The rougher side has a... handbrake icon? Actually, both sides feel very slick to my mouse. I think the rougher side could be slower.

A word on the feet of the mousepad, which no one has mentioned. The wrist rest is permanently attached to a rubber mat, slightly smaller than the pad. When the mousepad is on the rubber mat, the mat is in contact with the lower, unused mousing surface. This means the whole pad is supported and won't flex/sag. You can also use the mousepad without the mat. In this case, the pad is only supported by the green rubber feet. The mousepad doesn't seem that stiff, so I think it'll flex so that the middle also touches the table.

Nothing to say about the wrist rest. It feels just like any other wrist rest.

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