13 April, 2013

Guide To Superstar Virgo

I just went on a cruise on the Superstar Virgo, so I'm writing a guide to the ship in case I visit again or someone else is looking for one. I didn't find any such guides online.


There are 13 stories; 4-13 are accessible. Move between stories using the lifts/stairs located at 3 locations: fore (front), mid and aft (rear). Here are the main attractions:
  • Level 6 - 2 restaurants, Pavilion Restaurant and Bella Vista. The Pavilion Restaurant is located mid and Bella Vista is located aft. There doesn't seem to be a way to move between these 2 within level 6 itself, so you have to get to mid/aft on another level first, then go down.
  • 7 - main level. Reception, casino, Lido theatre, emergency assembly points, and deck where you can go outside.
  • 8 - some paid restaurants, shops and second story of Lido theatre.
  • 10 - video games arcade, childcare centre
  • 12 - main buffet restaurant, gym, pool, Galaxy Of The Stars (lounge with some slot/jackpot machines, bingo games and a stair down to view the bridge of the ship)
These are the stairs and lifts. There are 3 lifts at each location. The stairs are wide and easily accessible, not hidden behind doors, so we used them whenever we could.

The first thing you'll want to do on board the ship is look for this piece of paper, the "Star Navigator". It should be in your room, or you can get it from the reception. It tells you what time and where to eat, and what activities are scheduled.


There is a main buffet restaurant on level 12. It's called Mediterranean, but it serves all kinds of food. There seem to be 4 sections: a vegetarian one and 3 others serving the same food. I never needed to register in this restaurant, just find a seat and start picking your food.
On the first night, they had a BBQ around the pool, which is just outside the restaurant. You can take your food and sit inside.
BBQ, sitting at the Taverna (level 13)

The food here was ok, but not fantastic. The best meal I had here was breakfast. I heard they have eggs cooked as you like them, but I didn't see that. Maybe I was too late.
Supper, first night

Lunch, second day

Supper, second night

Breakfast, last day

Sometimes they have special meals. For the second day dinner, they had Thai food, which was quite good.

The other 2 restaurants included in your fare are Pavilion Restaurant and Bella Vista. For these 2 restaurants you have to register with your card. I don't know if you can eat at both these restaurants in the same meal, but you can eat at either of these plus the Mediterranean buffet.

Bella Vista is a large (almost same seating capacity as the buffet) restaurant near the back of the ship serving Western and Chinese food. Through the huge windows you can see the wake of the ship.
Western food is done by set menu: choose an appetizer, main and dessert.
I don't know what their Chinese food is like, since they have separate seating for Chinese and Western and the queue for Chinese was longer.

In Pavilion Restaurant, you can't choose your dishes, but it's "ala carte buffet" style - you can order the dishes you like again.
Pavilion Restaurant, dinner

Shore Excursion

Our trip was to Redang island. The Virgo anchored quite far from the island, and we took a little boat to the island. It was a 30 minute ride. The boats hold about 100 people. I keep wondering if they were some of the lifeboats.
What's there to do on the island? Firstly, they have diving (scuba and snorkeling) packages you can buy. The beach and sea there is very nice and clean. There are some stalls selling drinks, coconuts, satay, a few hotels and a food court, and a gift shop. We didn't venture from the shore.

Places Of Interest

Bingo games, SGD$20 for 3 tickets. Buy the tickets before the games. See the Star Navigator for times and locations.

See the bridge of the ship, through a small staircase in Galaxy Of The Stars.

Catch a free performance in the Lido theatre. There was a magic show the first night.

They also had quite a lot of activities during the shore excursion so we couldn't go - such as teaching you to juggle, and screening the Disney movie Brave.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Brings back memories of my 2 long ago trips on Virgo