26 January, 2013

Temple Run 2 Guide

In case you don't understand the non-existent instructions.

Difference between Powerups and Abilities

  • Powerups are what you use when the green bar on the top left fills. In TR1 it was always Mega Coin (I think).
  • You start with the Shield, when you hit level 5 you get the Coin Magnet, when you buy Scarlett Fox you get the Boost.
  • You can only choose 1 Powerup at a time.
  • The "Lasts longer with Gems" part seems to be single-use upgrades valid for only one run. i.e. if you buy it only once, it only lasts the next time you use it. If you buy it twice, it lasts the next 2 times etc. But it's only valid for the next run. If you buy 4 gems and only use two, there still won't be any left after you die. Unused ones seem to remain after you die. Only the active Powerup will be upgraded.
  • You can use any available Powerup with any available character.
  • Abilities are passive upgrades.

  • "Invisibility" from TR1 seems to have been replaced by the shield. They both protect against obstacles, but not from running in the wrong direction.
  • No need to buy angel wings any more, every time you die, you get a chance to resurrect at the cost of 1 gem. The cost doubles every time you die. So if you're willing to spend money, there's no limit to your score, I guess.
  • The flashing checkered flag and arrow at the beginning is the game offering you to use a Head Start at 2500 coins. Tap it to use.
  • The goal, run x meters without tripping, still allows resurrections. If you die by running into something.
  • The goal, x points without Powerups, refers to both powerups you pick up and those you use from filling the green bar.

Update 3 Jun 13
  • Reduced the difficulty of the Narrows
  • Fixed a glitch that caused you to fall through narrow paths after jumping or sliding
  • Removed the river / grinder double obstacle combination from the forest
I love this update. I was getting sick of the game before, because my only 2 objectives were 10,000,000 meters and 1,000,000 coins. I thought the river / grinder combo was intentional, so I'm really glad they removed it. There didn't seem to be any way to get past it, now you can potentially survive indefinitely if you don't make mistakes.


  • Watch your step in The Narrows, a treacherous new terrain!
  • Spinning saw blades!
  • Think fast! The path may crumble to the abyss right before your eyes!
  • Don't miss a chance to earn free coins and gems under Free Stuff in the menu!
  • Many other bug fixes and performance issues


  • Now run as Zach Wonder, Francisco Montoya and Montana Smith! These characters don't have any new powerups.
  • Added quick access to the current objectives, daily / weekly challenges, and player stats from the pause menu.
  • Many other bug fixes and performance issues

1.4 (1 August 2013)

Announcing the first guest star in Temple Run history - Usain Bolt! That's right, you can now run as the fastest man on Earth to escape from your favorite Evil Demon Monkey! And you're going to love your unique Bolt powerup!
You can buy Bolt for a limited time, but hurry, he goes fast!
Usain Bolt available for $0.99 (on the Australian App Store), not purchasable using gems or coins. His powerup seems to be a combination of Boost and Coin Magnet. Not sure if it lasts longer than the normal Boost.

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