19 January, 2013

Kindle 3 (Kindle Keyboard)

Once upon a time, my Kindle 2 post was the most viewed post on this blog. Maybe this has the same destiny?

Anyway, my Kindle died. It was stuck on this screen:
I think the internals were ok, just that the battery wouldn't charge. When I plugged it in, the orange light came on briefly, like it was attempting to charge, then went out.

So I got a new Kindle! First, some pictures of me sending my old Kindle away:
Taking off the Gelaskin. Finally put their adhesive claims to the test. Is it easy to remove? Yes, but it's not perfect. It sticks quite strongly and left some residue at the edges. I didn't try, but that should be easy to remove. Some narrow parts tore so I don't think it's reusable. Was it grey when I put it on?

Wow, I haven't seen my Kindle looking like this since I got it.

Comparison of Kindle 2 (left) and Kindle 3 (right)
The box hasn't changed much. I still like their environmentally friendly packaging.

The style of opening is the same, but "Once upon a time..." (Kindle 2) is gone. I hope it's not because too many people couldn't figure out how to open it. I'm glad to say the strip came off in one piece (most of them break halfway. What's the point of having a strip?)

Inside also hasn't changed much.

The back is now rubberised, no more stainless steel. It's easier to grip and lighter, but I think less durable.

Since this is the "U.S. version", it comes with a power adapter (global voltage)! (PS: rotating an image in PWA messes up older versions in Blogger)

I couldn't compare them side-by-side, but I think the screen has improved. The naming convention is confusing. Is the Kindle Touch the 4th one? Which version is the Paperwhite?

I also bought a Marware EcoVue leather case because it was on sale. It's great! I love the hand strap. I wish my iPad case had one too. Now I keep thinking "all my books are leather bound" haha.

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