08 December, 2012

Nintendo 3DS XL

I think buying game consoles depends more on their games available than their features, so there's not much point reviewing them. Ok this version comes with an AC adapter (the American one doesn't), SD card, and some AR (Augmented Reality) cards (just normal cards with a special pattern on them. You can print new ones.)

The most interesting thing is the 3D capability. Does it take 3D pictures? YES it saves a 2D jpg version and 3D mpo version. Interesting note: the Vaio has built-in software to view 3D files (it can open them, but can't display 3D on its own, you need a 3D display.)

One of the problems is battery life, especially during flights. The battery is not removable. Since I have USB batteries, I found this USB charging cable (it seems to work) for $2 from Daiso. It's at least $10 on eBay and I couldn't find any in games stores.

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