07 November, 2012

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security

I bought Trend Micro's antivirus, thinking it seemed ok, but I'm finding more and more problems:
  • Their products sound similar and confusing. The website says they have Titanium Maximum Security and Titanium Premium Security. Premium is more expensive, so I guess Maximum isn't maximum.
  • There's no way to see the date of virus definitions. But they clearly show your subscription expiry date, which seems more important to them.
  • There are no proper scan logs. A scan log should show time started, time completed, locations scanned, things found etc. The only "detailed log" shows everything separated into viruses, spyware, web threats etc. and is hard to navigate. I say this is important because I suspect my scans aren't completing, and proper logs would show this.
  • There's a System Tune-up, but it doesn't tell you what it's going to do before it does it. Hope you like surprises!

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