21 November, 2012

Paper Mario Sticker Star Notes

Some notes on this Nintendo 3DS game. It seems rather new so there aren't any guides on it.
  • To load your last saved game without saving, press Home, then quit the game. This is useful to test stickers.
  • The Sticker Museum doesn't seem to be of much use, takes a while to walk to and walk around in, and it requires you to sacrifice your stickers. 
  • One of the toads outside the 3 houses in Decalburg seems to remind you if you've missed any bonuses in the levels, e.g. +5 HP hearts.

Battle Stickers

  • The Poison Mushroom poisons you, which then poisons enemies that attack you. Not recommended. But it IS needed somewhere in World 2...
  • The Spike Helmet is very useful against enemies that jump on you, like goombas. It does about 12 damage each to an unlimited number of enemies, and doesn't seem to require you to press A on time. Ok pressing A helps.

Thing/Special Stickers

  • These are the stickers made from 3D things in the world, or you pick up.
  • If you're low on space in your Sticker Album, leave the things as things and only convert them to stickers when you know you want to use them.
  • All special stickers seem to do some kind of damage. Specifically: fortune cat, scissors, fan, trumpet, faucet. Not sure if they have any other uses.
  • If you've used these, they seem to respawn in their original location, so you can pick them up again. Seems you can use them for special weapons, or sell them for coins, or put them in the Museum. They respawn even if you've used them in Paperize mode. Ok sometimes they stop respawning. Anyway, it doesn't matter because:
  • You can buy them from the shady shop once you've found them!
I'm making a list of where they are found/used, both to avoid spoilers and since it will be too big to put here. There doesn't seem to be any other such list right now.


  • I'm not a big fan of turn-based games (e.g. Pokemon)
  • A normal encounter which should be settled with 1 jump (e.g. those skeleton turtles) now takes 30 seconds or more, so I usually end up running from enemies instead of fighting.
  • It's irritating to have to keep track of ammo in a Mario game, especially when the maximum amount of stickers is so small
  • Also, there are no instructions on the proper timing for stickers
  • The most frustrating thing is the Thing Stickers. They occupy space, they're hard to find, you don't know whether you'll need them so you can't use them, and when you DO know you need to use them, you don't know which one to use - a complaint I've found in all the reviews I've seen. At least they seem to respawn so you won't be stuck if you use one in the wrong place. At least you can easily buy them again.

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