25 October, 2012

iHustler by Chaosoul

iHustler is a device to let you charge your iDevices using any USB power supply. Many cheap USB chargers and hubs have power, but not the intelligence to let the device know it can charge. I think what the iHustler does is provide authentication, or short some pins to trick the device. The interesting thing is, they have different versions for iPhone and Samsung devices. Why can't they make one for both? I suspect they're using a simple trick (shorting pins), which varies depending on device. It also claims to be able to charge iPads, but I wonder how it handles USB ports that won't supply enough power.

I got it for $5, looks like it's selling for >$10 online!

It works! My Belkin hub was unable to charge before, now it can charge my iPhone without a computer!

This is what the back looks like:

Looks like this is a useful thing to carry around, in case you find a USB port that won't charge your iPhone.


  • USB hub alone: no response
  • Computer: Not charging
  • USB hub + iHustler: Charging (but not sure how fast)

  • It seems to prevent data transfer. That could be another feature, actually.

Also, I'm trying to compile a chart of what charges what. The white boxes are untested. There are different types of "charging" though. Normal charging is 0.5 A, fast charging is 1 A and tablets are 2 A. I'm looking for a way to measure what the charging current is.

Update 18 Dec 13
I tested it with my PortPilot Pro and it identifies as Apple 1A, but it has a high impedance of 0.6 Ohm:
It really works, and even speeds up charging. When directly connected to the computer, the iPhone charges at 500 mA, but the iHustler increases current to 700 mA. It doesn't do anything for the iPhone's included adapter, though.

Update 24 Dec 14
I'm in the market for another one of these, and they're surprisingly hard to find. One reason is there's no proper name for this type of device. You can search for charge/charger/charging accelerator/booster/rapid/quick/fast, but you'll have to weed out the normal cables that claim fast charging. (A proper such device will block data) It's unexpected that these aren't more common, because they're very simple, I think just short the data pins or put some resistance between them. There's only one seller on eBay selling the iHustler. Another product I found is by PortaPow.

I thought there were also lots of projects for these on Kickstarter, but these are all I could find:
Legion Meter: Actually like the PortPilot Pro, it's meant to measure the charging current and voltage. But it can also emulate different charger types. The advantage over the PPP is it can do so without a computer - it has a switch on the side. The PPP needs a computer to change the emulation type.

LockedUSB Adapter

DouBBleTime: Might have some durability issues. Also, looks like they don't have a proper Apple authentication chip, so it doesn't work with new iPhones/iOS.

USB Meter Pro

Smart USB (canceled)

Commercial products:
iHustler by Chaosoul
PortaPow on eBay
Juice-Jack Defender
SyncStop / USB Condom
Wocol Charge Booster (listed on Qoo10 as usb quick charge adaptor upgrade slow speed of charging)

Update 13 Apr 15
I got the PortaPow from eBay. It's pretty reasonably priced - 5 GBP including shipping, and I got it in about 10 days. I got the Apple (2A) version. It indeed identifies as Apple 2A:
They have another, smarter, auto identifying version that I have on the way. Oh they're selling on Amazon (fulfilled by Amazon too). They seem to specialise in USB charging. All my supposedly smart chargers - 2 Ankers, the Wocol above, Innergie mMini AC15 and this PortaPow - I don't know how to check if they're really changing their charger identity, because I suspect they're seeing my PortPilot Pro and changing based on it, so they always appear as DCP.

Also, these commercial charge adapters are very easy to find on Amazon. Here's a few examples:

Because of Amazon's suggestions, once you find one, it's easy to find them all.

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