01 October, 2012

Autocorrect annoyances

I find Autocorrect extremely annoying. Sometimes I wonder if it's designed to be as frustrating as possible while remaining useful enough so people use it.

  • If you enter ANY punctuation or number, it remains on the punctuation keyboard. EXCEPT FOR THE ' CHARACTER. For apparently no reason, they decided once you enter ' you shall return to the abc keyboard.
  • Sometimes it tries to correct perfectly correct words, used in the expected context.

Let's say you're trying to type "laptop". You type "lap" and it can guess what you want to say. But let's say you type too fast and already typed "lapt"
Whoops! Where did the suggestion go? Ok so backspace:
It just doesn't make any sense.

I put "cbn" as a shortcut for "Coming back now!". Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Not working seems to only happen the first time I type it in Messages.

Undo would be a big help, but it usually doesn't work. iOS is supposed to have shake to undo, but that erases a huge chunk of text - DON'T USE IT. Let's say you're typing a long word, like "iOS is an abomination". It corrects it to abdominal. Now you have to delete abdominal and type all over again.

27 Mar 14
Really, Autocorrect?

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