23 September, 2012

iPhone 5

iPhone 5!

What's in the box (you can find this on the Apple site): EarPods (with their own cable-winding box!), wall adapter, Lightning cable, SIM removal tool, 2 Apple stickers, English and Chinese quick start guides.

Lightning cables are hard to find now. The cable attaches very firmly, it can easily support the phone upside down or even vertically. I hope it wears and breaks more easily than the phone though.

This might be an iOS 6 thing. iPhone can now download contacts from your Facebook friends. I think it tries to merge duplicates. If it doesn't detect some, you can manually link them.

Screen is supposed to have a wider colour range. Colours look different from the iPhone 4's.

iFixit says it's:
  • easier to repair
  • Home button is reinforced
  • camera lens is very scratch resistant
And it's done well in some drop tests. Looking good!


Camera has face detection (I think the 4S has it too). Front camera is now 1.2 MP (4 and 4S are VGA).


  • Once you pick it up, it's immediately obvious that it's thinner and lighter.
  • Bigger screen is nice. Now waiting for apps to support it.
  • Camera much improved over iPhone 4.
  • I like the improved front camera, maybe now I can use it to take self-portraits.
  • Beveled edge is very bright and shiny.
  • No longer comes with YouTube app. But you can just download it from the App Store, and this version supports location, that means you can see videos (e.g. music videos) only available to certain countries. I think the old version only let you watch unrestricted videos. 

Auto Brightness 

Auto brightness works differently from the past. That's a nice way of saying sometimes it doesn't seem to work at all. Auto brightness not working on iPhone 5?

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