17 August, 2012

SanDisk Ultra Backup USB Flash Drive

What this has that other flash drives don't:
  • Backup button
  • Backup software

Other features:
  • Security software (available for all SanDisk drives). I like it because unlike those that secure the entire drive, requiring you to unlock it to store anything, this leaves the drive alone and encrypted files are stored as the program's files. It also supports copy/paste, drag/drop and you can preview encrypted files by double-clicking.

Comparing with some speed measurements of SD cards:
138 MB in 17.4 seconds (8 MB/s) - not very fast.

  • The backup software seems quite good. You can set which folders/subfolders to backup; I backup \My Pictures\ but not \My Pictures\2012\
  • You can run the backup software from the drive itself.
  • Backups seem to be incremental, but the files appear as a complete set on the drive, unlike Time Machine backups. You can choose how many versions to keeps. Don't know how it handles deleted files.
  • Backups can be encrypted, like the security program's.
  • You can have several drives backing up the same folders, or backup several computers with one drive.

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