08 August, 2012

Laptop Build Quality

I was writing this post when my MBP died. Not very convincing telling people how good the build quality is when the computer doesn't even last 3 years :\ Anyway, that doesn't mean the other parts of the computer are bad.

Maybe I was used to my MBP, so I didn't notice it before, but when I got my Lenovo G580 I suddenly appreciated the unibody construction more.
  • Seams everywhere, some even with protruding edges
  • Keyboard flexes when you press in the middle, although the G580 already flexes less than some laptops I've seen
  • Fan sucks dust from the bottom of the laptop
  • LCD panel shows distortion when you press on it. I think this is the most irritating thing. It's a problem with all LCD screens, but the MBP was much better because there was a glass cover over the LCD, so nothing happens unless you press hard. This shows the ripples at the slightest touch
  • The good thing about the G580 is the wrist rest edge of the laptop is not as sharp, which is more ergonomic
Screws are hidden behind ineffective stickers

I'm not saying the G580's build quality is bad. I think it's very good, for a $850 laptop. But there's more to a laptop than the technical specifications.

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