25 July, 2012

MacBook - The Last Post

I took some final pictures of my MBP before I sold it. This is the first time I'd opened it up.

Overview shot. I don't know if this is meant to have user-replaceable parts, but it's VERY neat and tidy inside. I always thought Apple didn't want people opening their products, yet this looks like a lot of attention to something the user won't see.

No asymmetric blades here.

The HDD is connected by this thin angled connector, which makes it easy to remove. I have to say I'm glad this was a standard 2.5" SATA HDD, making saving data very easy. Makes me think twice about getting the Retina MBP, which uses a logic board with custom interface.

The air grill is actually attached to the cover, not the case.

I have to say, this is amazingly free of dust for an almost 3 year old laptop. Is the cooling system rarely used, or is the air path very well designed? My friend's HP laptop was clogged with dust after less than a year and needed to be cleaned.

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