20 May, 2012

Photos of lightning

  • Most windows aren't suited for taking photos of lightning because rain falls on them and spoils the picture
  • Rain also reduces visibility
  • Clouds reduce visibility
  • I guess the best time to take photos is with the storm approaching you, before it reaches
  • I wish my camera could take pictures automatically, but the biggest problem is it takes about the same time as the exposure for noise reduction (meaning a 4 second exposure takes 8 seconds before you can take the next picture)
I tried using the ZR200's buffering function, which lets you take a picture after the moment, but the longest exposure time is 1/30 seconds, and you get this rolling shutter effect. I guess the shutter works top to bottom.

The buildings in the foreground look quite bright, but they were actually illuminated by lightning. This is what the scene looks like without lightning.

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