10 May, 2012

Casio Exilim EX-ZR200 - Software

The ZR200 has plenty of settings, yet remains easy to use. Yellow points are good things I think set this camera apart from similar cameras. Red points are bad parts.


  • You can set the left and right buttons (during shooting) to change focusing, metering, timer, face detection, ISO, white balance, EV shift, or nothing at all. A bit like Canon's S100 being able to configure the front ring for several things.
  • The standard options like continuous AF, digital zoom are there.
  • It has a triple self-timer - waits 10 seconds, then takes 3 photos. Useful for group candid shots.
  • Change volume/sound for startup, half shutter and shutter, or turn them off.
  • Date stamp on photos (not recommended)
  • Files are stored according to DCF. I noticed cameras seemed to have the same file systems, but I didn't know there was a standard. This means you can share memory cards and open files on/from other cameras.
  • You can create new folders, but you can only save images to the newest folder.
  • Choose which settings to reset and which to save when you turn the camera off, such as zoom position, flash, focus type, white balance etc.
  • A bit slow to change settings on manual mode, as there are no dedicated buttons. You can use the left/right buttons for changing a specific setting. The good part is fewer buttons makes the camera easier to use.
  • It has manual focus, which is well implemented. When focusing, it magnifies the centre of the image for you. After you stop focusing for a while, it returns.
  • I like how it uses focal length in 35 mm when zooming, instead of a meaningless multiplier. It stops at 300 mm (doesn't work with digital zoom) though


  • Performance is very fast, even during zooming and panning.
  • Zoom during video playback 
  • Add clip art to photos/videos ("Dynamic Photo"), like those photo stickers.
  • Adjust brightness and white balance after taking the photo
  • Some editing features like resizing, cropping, trimming/splitting videos
  • Display shooting information like aperture, shutter speed, ISO, metering mode and even shooting mode
  • Shows which folder an image is from, but you can't choose to display images only from a certain folder

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