08 April, 2012

Arlec Energy Cost Meter PC222

I bought this a long time ago, and took it out to start using again. It measures power consumption of electrical appliances. You plug it into the socket, and plug the appliance into it.
There are several types of devices to measure home electricity consumption. Another type is connected to the electricity meter and measures the whole house consumption, which I don't think is very useful. The cheapest option is to just look at your electricity bill, but that doesn't tell you anything about individual devices.

I've used it to measure power consumption of my Xbox and TV, and of my MBP, which doesn't have its own post so I'll write them here:

MacBook Pro 15.4" mid-2009
  • Sleeping, charging - 26 W
  • Sleeping, full - 3 W
  • Sleeping, full and charging iPhone - 8 W
  • Sleeping, full and iPhone full - 1 W
  • On, charging, using integrated graphics - about 34 W, max 68 W

Power consumption of EnGenius ETR9350 Pocket Router
  • 3 W

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