13 March, 2012

IT Show 2012

8 - 11 March 2012
Suntec City

Sign reads, "Due to the overwhelming response to The IT Show, kindly return in 1 hour". Is this show more popular than other shows?

 "Free GIFS"

I spent $300 and bought:
AsiaBox media player. Not sure what this kind of device is called. It doesn't have its own storage (but you can add it) and streams from the Internet.

Creative WP-250 Bluetooth headphones

And a Sony MicroVault Tiny USB drive. I almost bought a Canon Ixus 220 HS ($269), since it almost meets everything I'm looking for in my next camera, except maybe high ISO (3200). The Canon S100 ($699) has the highest ISO of any compact camera I've seen. Maybe the price will drop at the next show. I also noticed most compact cameras have 1600 ISO, and those with 3200 are considered high sensitivity. Most cameras now also have wide angle, which is nice, but remember wide angle makes people look bigger.

And so the final list of shows is:
  1. IT Show, March, Suntec City
  2. PC Show, June, Suntec City
  3. Comex, September, Suntec City
  4. Sitex, November, Expo
Wow so most of them are held in Suntec City. I didn't know that.

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