21 March, 2012

Healthy food

This overweight person goes to visit the doctor.
Doctor: You're dangerously overweight. I'm putting you on a diet - one bowl of rice, lean meat, lettuce and fruits.
Patient: No problem Doc, should I take it before or after meals?

We often hear what foods are "healthy", but it occurs to me (and I've never heard it) that there's 2 types of healthy: healthy in REPLACEMENT and healthy in ADDITION.

We usually hear lean meat, white meat and unsaturated oils are healthy. I think these are only healthy if used to REPLACE unhealthier food in our diet. Eating these in addition is not going to help. The vast majority of healthy foods are healthy in replacement. It's a lot easier to be healthier in replacement.

Really healthy food, however, should be healthy in ADDITION, meaning when added to our diet without kicking any other food out, they're still good for you. The only kinds of foods like that I can think of are fiber (vegetables) and water. If nothing else, they'll fill you up so you eat less unhealthy food.

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